Sunday, 26 June 2011

SFA Cajun Country Field Trip: Rice Farm

After dining at Mowata's we headed out to visit a nearby rice farm. Mr. Uncle, the farmer who was kind enough to host us at his farm, was a pleasure to meet. He had a very friendly disposition that won over everyone in the crowd. He spoke to us about his philosophy on farming and how every part of the natural environment is key for growing nutrient rich crops; he does not weed his fields, arguing that weeds have important roles to play in enriching soil nutrients etc.

He also showed us to the mill where his grain is processed and then packaged. His rice is sold under the name: Cajun Grain. He has a wonderful mix of grain: my favorite was aromatic jasmine and red rice.

Mr. Uncle has found a niche market throughout Louisiana at restaurants like Cochon, who serve his rice in a particular shrimp dish.

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