Sunday, 26 June 2011

Quarter Grocery

Walking by Quarter Grocery on Bourbon Street and Ursulines Street, you might think this place was only a liquor store. But it is so much more. Once you look beyond the liquor lined shelves, past the rows of snacks and other junk food, you find yourself staring at a lunch counter.

As I was walking through the quarter one morning, I ran into Mr. Patout, a friend of Liz and Rick's. He was walking out of Quarter Grocery and told me that I should try the breakfast sandwiches there. Why not? I stepped inside, peered around a few shelves, walked past a few cases of beer and saw the corner of a menu board. Phew! I ordered the egg and bacon breakfast sandwich. I was a bit surprised how expensive it was $4.25, but shrugged off the price because I was in the French Quarter--prices are always inflated here. I was expecting your typical breakfast sandwich: egg, cheese and bacon on a croissant. In stead I got an 8-inch long French bread breakfast sandwich that could have fed half of my family (no wonder it was pricey!)

The best part? The bread! The French bread was still so soft this morning, even the crust was soft because it had come out of the oven only a few ours before.

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