Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cafe Du Monde

This morning I tried to grab and almond croissant at Croissant D'or, and came to the realization that the cafe was closed on Tuesdays! Zut! I rerouted towards Decateur Street and opted to stop by the infamous Cafe Du Monde for a late breakfast. I did not think that I could possible live with myself if I did not stop by Cafe Du Monde at some point this summer. It was crowded (comme d'habitude). I wove my way through the tables into the inner dining hall where I grabbed a coveted seat in the air conditioning. The table surface was sticky with powdered sugar. I realized this after I wrested my arms against the table's edge and felt my skin stick to the table. I like to think of the stickiness as part of the ambiance--the grittiness of Cafe Du Monde that goes hand in hand with the crowds and less than friendly staff, and is buffered by the mirrored walls, bright lights and live music.

The beignets came out buried in 2 inches of powdered sugar...who knew you needed so much powdered sugar. (note: do not laugh while you take a bite of your beignet or you might find yourself coated in a layer of white powder...this happened to me the first time I had beignets at Cafe Du Monde). I like to think that beignets would make a nice addition to the Candyland board came. They could be nestled behind Candy Cane Lane, and you could go skiing in the fresh powder!

The cafe au lait was fantastic as always: nice and strong and really creamy. Delicious!

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