Thursday, 23 June 2011

City of New Orleans with Rich Campanella

Last Saturday, I joined the Bulldogs in the Big Easy Yalies for a day-long tour of New Orleans conducted by Rich Campanella--professor of Geography at Tulane University. The tour was fantastic! Rich knew the city like the back of his hand. We went from Audubon Park to the River front down through the warehouse district, the French Quarter, Marigny, Bywater, the 9th ward, Versailles, back through Treme and then finally made our way back up to Tulane. He has a wonderful understanding of the architecture of New Orleans, the demography of the city, its natural landscape and a wealth of statistics. I felt instantly smarter having spent a few hours with him.

The whole group stopped for lunch in Versailles. We tried to go to a Vietnamese restaurant called Ba Mien, but it was closed because of a wedding. We tried another Veitnamese restaurant, and they were also closed because of the wedding (it must have been a large community event). Finally, we settled on a Vietnamese owned and operated po'boy shop. I would never have found this place on my own because it was sandwiched in a strip mall next to a laundromat. The po'boy shop was called Easy Seafood & Po-boys. Delicious oyster po'boy! There was something really fresh about the bread. YUM!

After the tour, I walked downtown with Rich (all 5.5 miles). Then I went to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum for their sno-ball event. I even got to operate a sno-ball machine and douse cups of shaved ice with watermelon and pineapple syrups!

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