Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bon Operatit!

Last week Rick and I went to the Inn on Bourbon, at the corner of Toulouse and Bourbon Streets. The Inn rests on the site of the Old French Opera House in New Orleans, the first opera house in the United States, and is host to Bon Operatit: a trio of opera singers with live accompaniment. Once a month this band of singers comes together to perform a free concert for New Orleanians. You can order cocktails at the bar, or sit down and enjoy a light dinner during the performance. The group performs 3 sets of music ranging from Handel to Andrew Lloyd Webber. This week was "friends of Operatit week," so there were guest performers as well. What a lovely evening! Everyone was swaying along to the music, enjoying the powerful and elegant voices of these singers. Just another one of those fantastic events in New Orleans.

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