Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Vatican

My first week in Rome, my roommates and I headed off to the Vatican Museums. We decided to walk there from our apartment, which ended up taking more than an hour. Who knew Rome was so large? I mean, we knew it was big, but I don't think we realized just how big. On our epic walking tour, we hiked one of Rome's many hill and were rewarded with an amazing view of the city (not to mention, the park rangers fired off a canon at noon? I learned later that this was an everyday kinda thing. One word: Rome).

After getting lost a bit, we finally made our way to the over-crowded Vatican Museums where we were able to look upon some of the most famous frescoes in all of Italy. The Sistine Chapel is stunning (of course!). This time, I also got to see The School of Athens. I was actually shocked to see this fresco painted onto one of the many walls in the Vatican. I suppose when I studied art history as a kid, I didn't realize that this painting was, in fact, a fresco. In my mind, I had always imagined it as a large, framed oil on canvas. What I love most about this painting is the grouping of such great philosophers in one, vibrant scene. It's almost as if their conversations are pouring out of the wall into our world.

On my way through the museum, I was once again able to enjoy the gorgeous ceilings within the Vatican (AND I came across a beautiful stain glass window that I saw in 2010).

Here is my 2010 photo:

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