Monday, 28 July 2014

Cheese and Wine Tour

As part of our program, we also toured winery and agro-tourism farm in Lazio. The trip to the winery was quite informative. We met a specialist at the vineyard who explained to us the science behind raising and tending for grape vines (which can suffer from all manner of diseases). He showed us which vines had been cut to prevent the spread of such diseases and also explained the profit loss associated with these types of plant health issues. Our tour of the vineyard ended with a wine tasting...fabulous!

After visiting the vineyard, we made our way to a local cheese production facility. We donned our mesh lab coats and toured the back rooms where they actually allow the cheese to age (what beautiful mold!) The guide walked us through the aging process, lecturing us on how the taste and texture of the cheese changed over time as the cheese dried out. At the end of the tour we were able to have a tasting to actually experience the differences he had explained on the tour.

Last but not least, we visited a family owned and operated hog farm. This family farm has been able to survive because it is now part of the growing industry of agro-tourism. Essentially, they have turned their farm into a vacation spot too. Individuals seeking a break form the hustle and bustle of Rome can drive an hour or two outside of the city and stay with this family. The farm sits on the edge of a gorgeous lake where Romans like to come and swim. Their hog population lives in the woods about a half mile from the main house (a good distance to keep the smell away!)

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