Saturday, 16 July 2011

Chez Dany

The original maple syrup cabin:

Playing spoons!

Do you like maple syrup? Then you will certainly like Chez Dany--a sugar cabin restaurant near Trois-Rivieres. Yesterday, we headed out to have dinner and dance at Chez Dany. The food was traditional Quebecoise cuisine: consisting mainly of maple syrup, ham and peas. The meal started with yellow pea soup, moved on to roasted ham, ham quiche, ham and beans, fried potatoes, beets and meat pie, and finally ended with pancakes and coffee. Every course of the meal was eaten with maple syrup (except the pea soup). People love the maple syrup so much that they keep it in an easy-pour Tupperware container...!

While we feasted on ham and maple syrup, we listened to the Quebecoise chanteuse who was playing the wooden spoons and singing traditional Quebec songs. However, after the main course was served, the traditional Quebec tunes stopped and the DJ started playing a melange of the most bizarre dance songs including the Macarena and current pop hits by the Black Eyed Peas and other American artists. Everyone got up and danced and danced, and then danced some more. It was so great (albeit, the cultural melting pot was a bit strange!)

After we finished our dessert and coffee, we headed outside to eat maple candy (maple syrup cooled on ice and then twirled onto a wooden stick).

The singer and some of my fellow students:

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