Monday, 18 May 2009

Crew Date: A Rowing Tradition

Being a member of the Lincoln College Rowing Team has been so much fun! Not only have I met a bunch of wonderful women in a Lincoln college, but our boat also gets invited to go on "Crew Dates" by the men's boats of other colleges. Last Thursday we were invited by the Jesus College Men's Third Boat to attend their formal hall (A fancy dinner in their college dining hall where we get to wear cocktail dresses and academic gowns). As the invited guests we brought the wine and had a thoroughly wonderful dinner date with these gentlemen (I ended up in a very interesting discussion about early American history with a first year who was taking a course on 18th century America)! We actually had so much fun that we are going to go to their Monday Night Port Tasting! This is just one of the fun traditions that is unique to Oxford.

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