Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Drama Drama Drama

This week has been full of Drama- just not in the emotional sense! I have had a few more auditions including an audition entirely in French for the tragedy Phedre. That was an interesting audition and I would not necessarily take the leap to audition in another language again. I also had an audition for the HMS Pinafore which is a light hearted Gilbert and Sullivan production and I was cast as a member of the women's chorus! I am VERY excited- I think this will be a nice introduction into theater here at Oxford. I also had an audition for another tragedy called the Women of Troy. The Director is the head of experimental theater here at Oxford and he certainly had an interesting take on how he wanted to direct the play. He has this brilliant plan to send the patrons to a pub where they will be "guided to a secret location to see the play". Unannounced to the play-goers they will be ambushed by the actors of the play while at the pub and blind folded and taken into one of the black box theaters at Oxford. He wants to set up a very tragic and emotional yet also disturbing environment from the very beginning. I do no think I will be cast in this play, but it was certainly fun to be let in on a little secret about its location. And I have my final audition tonight for my college's summer play. We do no know what we are going to be performing yet, but it is likely to be a comedy. I hope I get a role in this production because it will be so much fun to act along side all of the new friends I have made here at Oxford! Wish me luck or as they say in the theater business "Break a leg!"

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